John Bolino: Shredweiser VOD Section Now Available

Although he doesn’t skate professionally anymore, it is undeniable that John Bolino is one of the sport’s brightest talents still. The Shredweiser homies managed to catch up with John and film this new section which is now available on VOD! Featuring lots of gritty spots, old pools and abandoned ditches, the 6 minutes pieces comes with some bonus footage and exclusive trailer for the upcoming Shredweiser video, so get it, and get more!

Shredweiser is more than stoked to release a full length John Bolino VOD for your viewing pleasure. We had a blast making this one and will contine too on future project and adventures alike. By purchasing this video you directly support the likes of John Bolino who receives a 65% cut of the proceeds while the other 35% will go to present and future tour budgets and to the Filmer/Editor.” – SW

Download John Bolino’s new section:
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