One of the greatest bladers to ever strap on a pair of boots has made his long awaited return! Joey Chase has just dropped the trailer for his newest VOD & from the looks of the teaser it will be absolutely bonkers!

Joey is notorious for his penchant for death defying stunts and this VOD looks to be what we have all grown to love from him and will hopefully silence all the critics who say that bladers don’t drop enough hammers these days.

The VOD was filmed in Bogota Colombia, Orlando Florida, Atlanta Georgia and various parts of Colorado and was cut by Sammy Chase and Shawn Engler. The project was filmed with the assistance of Sammy Chase, Ben Spires, Donny Blanks, Wild Bill, Rob Harrington, Matty Schrock and Chris Smith.

If there ever was a VOD that was an essential purchase, it would certainly be this one! So support Joey and keep on the lookout for our new interview with Joey coming up shortly.

So click the picture or link below to purchase the new COVOD and prepare to be amazed!

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