The prolific rollerblading film auteur Ian Walker hit us up with a little treat for this rainy Tuesday’s afternoon, James Kobryn‘s section from the HVMNGVS mixtape, and for free, no less. Keep in mind, the HVMNGVS mixtape is still available for purchase, and you can get it here. Ian says that James is a great addition to their Denver blade posse. “He’s always in high spirits, can hold his own in a conversation filled with non-sense and pure wit, and the kid is constantly getting better. James has had quite the year, releasing multiple videos for the BLC, taking 1st place at the ATL stomp, and risking life and limb while obtaining 3rd place at the Mile High Battle(denver premier street contest)…..and that’s only the beginning for the New Jersey transplant. Keep your eyes out for James cause he’s making serious moves….”
Ian wonders what’s next in store for young James, and we bet it’s a future filled with landing hammers.

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