History Bits: Team Roces 1996 – Rare VHS

Roces played a huge part in the development of the sport, and once sponsored the most influential team of inliners ever! 20 years later, it seems like the perfect occasion to give this footage a watch: featuring the likes of Arlo Eisenberg, Randy “Roadhouse” Spizer, Brandon “B Love” Hardin, a young Jon Julio and European godfathers Ivano Gagliardo & René “the Viking” Hulgreen, footage of the original Lausanne & NISS contests, talks about the first version of the legendary Majestic 12 skates and a lot more, that is one hell of a throwback indeed!

We found out this rare VHS. Well, we still have some of them here in our headquarter, but didn’t know that someone took care of sharing this. Nice footage with Tom Fry, René Hulgreen, Jon Julio, Arlo Eisenberg, Cesar Mora, Ivano Gagliardo and many others. It was exactly 20 years ago so it’s a kind of ‪#‎anniversary‬ today!– Roces

Visit Roces’ official website here: roces.com
Follow their page for more updates: facebook.com/rocesofficial

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