History Bits: Full “Rolling” Documentary Online

If in the USA, it was all about Venice Beach, true blading in Europe was born in the streets of Lausanne, where high speed downhill races, stair rides and rail slides were all part of the game! Once a member of the Roces team, no one pushed the sport like Ivano Gagliardo, and you can now watch the full-length Rolling documentary, filmed back in 1997, and dedicated to Ivano’s life on blades: from opening the legendary HS36 skatepark 20 years ago, to creating the IRCL, to having his own Asphalt shop and mentoring Kato, to getting married on blades, here is the story of one of the most inspiring anti-hero to ever roll: pay your respects, and give this one a watch!

Le film de Peter Entell, retraçant le parcours de Ivano Gagliardo durant les années “Roller” à Lausanne. Des images mythiques pour tous les rollers lausannois.

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