Haitian Magazine: Reincarnation Tour Now Available

Our Haitian brothers finally released their second full-length feature, entitled Reincarnation Tour; if you were not lucky enough to watch the full thing during its premiere at the Copenhagen Blade Days two weeks ago, let us tell you this is something you don’t want to miss a second time, so watch the trailer below and download the full thing right away: it is the best $15 you will get to spend all year, period!

Dominic Bruce, Matthias St. John, Jona Seufferheld, Seba Seufferheld, Martim Braz-Teixeira, and Brian Bina embark on a two and a half month experiment, scouring European streets in search of free love and enlightenment. Run time of 51 minutes that encapsulates an attempt to express our experiences thru the lenses of 3 time capturing cameras; A trip that changed our lives… – Bina

First and foremost, download the Reincarnation Tour video here: https://sellfy.com/p/NLSD/

Visit the Haitian website here: smokecrackbladevert.com
Follow their page for more updates: facebook.com/haitianmagazine


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