From Hell to Heaven: For Edwin

Although we wish we would never have had to do so, today we are saying our good byes to our friend Edwin Wieringh. And as painful as these moments can be, we would like to invite all bladers to follow our Italian brothers’ example and dedicate their tricks to Edwin today, and turn it into a celebration of his memory and time on the blades. Go out and shred, and share your tricks with the hashtag #fromhelltoheaven: keeping a smile on your face and blades on your feet through these hard times is still the best way to honor our beloved Edwin’s legacy!

You will be sorely missed Edje.

In a warm late sunday of september few bladers showed some love for the fellow blader Edwin Wieringh. You will always be remembered Edwin: 20-09-1983 / 22-09-2015

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