Photo: Rafael Kosiarski

Eugen Enin wins Realstreet Essen

Just a few days after our Insight with Eugen Enin feature, he took the win at the Realstreet Essen. The event went down for the first time this year and with almost 100 bladers and even Dre Powell showing up, the outcome was quite impressive. Take a look at the full results.

1. Eugen Enin
2. Przemysław Górczyk / Dave Mutschall
4. Jan Ebbert
5. João Goncalves
6. Adrian Röter
7. Dre Powell

1. Bastian Thüring
2. Sven Hausmann
3. Alexandar Sijakovic
4. Karmi Schäfer
5. Sven Ischen
6. Jonas Rogge
7. Patrick Ebensing
8. Miguel Wolff
9. Patrick Piesik
10. Justin Szewczyk
11. Adriano Landsberg
12. Martin Schmerz
13. Leonardo Catalán
14. Falk Shawn Matthey
15. Sven Wermter

Photo: Rafael Kosiarski
Photo: Rafael Kosiarski