Eugen Enin and Jonas Hansson just dropped their Elite Series No. 2 for your viewing pleasure! If you are one of the sad individuals that missed out on buying this video-on-demand a few years ago than today is your lucky day!

In recent years Eugen has established himself as one of the greatest skaters of his generation by seemingly re-inventing the landscape for trick vocabulary with each new video he releases. He has studied his predecessors and re-imagined tricks long forgotten by the masses and added a new school touch to them and pushed the boundaries of what is possible on blades.

This video shows that Eugen and Jonas are two of the best at their craft and also that Eugen’s skating and Jonas’ videography are the perfect compliment to each other. Jonas’ editing prowess highlights the beautiful scenic views of Denmark where the VOD was shot and also accentuates the urban ninja moves that have made Eugen a house hold name within the blading community.

Enjoy the video and be ready to strap your skates on afterwards!

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