Create Originals: A Devastating #22 Update

There are some news we would rather not have to share, but unfortunately Create Originals just announced that the much awaited CRS frames were once again delayed, due to several manufacturing errors. Now that’s some devastating news indeed, and this exposes here again how hard it is to get products to become a reality. Read our full story with Create Originals right below, and stay tuned for more updates:

Edit: Update #22.1:

Now for the good news. Our factory has gotten back to us with what they are going to do about the flawed parts. Shockingly, they are going to remake all of the faulty parts at their own expense! We are obviously very happy about this. Not only because it speeds up the process of getting you all your frames faster but also it is nice to finally have a manufacturer take responsibility. That is very promising for all of our future dealings with them.
We still have to work out if they are willing to also ship to the 3 locations that received frames also at their expense and it is Chinese new year so that will cause delays in production. Regardless it is a HUGE relief that they are going to remake the parts.
” – CO

Visit their website here:
Follow their page for more updates:



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