Colorado Road Trip 2015: Razors Edit

The Colorado Road Trip is one of the longest running events in blading, attracting more and more people every year, and this year’s edition didn’t fail to grow even bigger than previous years! Part of the Razors team joined the experience, and you can now watch Josh Hayes, Jeph Howard, Hunter Grimm, Jarrod Banning, Taylor Popham and team manager Geoff Acers rip every park in sight in this 9 minutes piece brought to you by Razors Tapes!

August 2015 marked the 17th anniversary of the Colorado Road Trip, an amazing journey throughout the The Centennial State. Full of incredible skate parks, off the grid camp spots, huge bonfires, and heart attack inducing river baths, the CORT is an experience everyone should have at least 5, 10 times in their lives. Here’s a taste of what happened with the Razors on the 2015 Colorado Road Trip.

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