Chris Farmer: f33t Section

As blade icon Chris Farmer has teamed up once again with videographer & friend Lonnie Gallegos in order to shoot a promo edit for his upcoming Xsjado skate (the sixth one!), the pair has now released the Farm’s full f33t section online for all of you to treat your eyeballs with! With huge kink rails, parallel backslides, quick maneuvers and quicker feet moves even, and some of the most insane negatives ever, it’s another one for the history books!

If ya dig what ya just witnessed and appreciate the blood, sweat, & tears that went into making this a reality, follow the link (PayPal.Me/TheFarmacy) and contribute if you feel so inclined… Hope y’all enjoyed this part as much as we did making it and are currently in the beginning stages of the next “Feeture”… I will continue to sacrifice my body to the streets until my legs fall off, stay tuned…– The Farm

Download the full f33t video here:
Follow their page for more updates:

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