Bryan Bell missing: Update on the situation

We have seen many, many posts pop up on the social networks last night, and lots of people sharing the emergency number, which we can only be grateful for. Although seeing such great concern expressed by the blading community can only be touching, we would like to remind you the situation is still unclear as we speak, and that nothing has been confirmed yet. So far, all we know is that Bryan Bell has disappeared since the 08/27/14 around 3AM, and although his car has been found, the man himself is still missing.

His family is still actively looking for him, and urging everyone to not spread false information. Please make no quick assumption and keep your spirits high, as we all hope to see him show up with a grin on his face soon. Of course, we will keep you updated, and we cross our fingers hoping the next one we run is some good news! And once again, if you have any information of where Bryan is or if you have seen him since the night of 08/26/14 please call (760) 547 3312.