Alex Burston: Days & Nights in London Now Available on VOD

Razors pro rider Alex Burston finally released his 2015 VOD section online, and it’s the banger you needed to fully enjoy your morning coffee! Filmed in London over the course of 10 days and nights with OG videographer Jon Lee, this piece is almost 10 minutes long and costs only £3, half of which will be donated to Centrepoint charity for the young homeless: a good deed, and a great section, more than enough reasons to download it right now!

Download Days & Nights in London here:

Alex and myself spent 9-10 days/nights in London working on a section together. During the day, it rained a shit load, so the majority of skating was filmed at night. We had the idea of contributing 50% of the proceeds to the CENTREPOINT charity  for the young homeless, so have followed that through. And the remainder 50% of the proceeds, to Alex. Please, support the less fortunate, and help Alex maintain his rolling lifestyle. Thank you, and enjoy!Almost 10 minutes of goodness for your bleeding eyes, babycakes!– Jon Lee

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