Chris Haffey, Brian Aragon and Dre Powell in Colombia Live-Update #2: The Finals

Write-up by Kato, Chris Haffey, Brian Aragon & Dre Powell
Photos by Kato 

Coffee, horses, big crowd, beer, blade, hot & humid, good food, Proyecto Sur, police, 160 participants, concrete park, loving fans, pro demos, aguardiente, beer, hot women, cold showers, sticky green, back of the truck, beer, autographs, 1 to 10 ratio, beer, eat, blade, Colombia.

-Kato, Chris Haffey, Brian Aragon & Dre Powell

Ranking National de Patinaje Extremo 2011 Finals Results

  1. Sandro Timoteo
  2. John Fredy
  3. Julian ‘Chapu’ Agudelo

Colombia Ranking

  1. Alejandro Rozo


Brian Aragon, half cab topsoul 360 outspin topsoul

Daniel Vallejo from Mexico

Alex Carreno from Colombia

Alejo Rozo from Colombia

John Fredy from Colombia

Dre Powell

Sandro Timoteo from Peru

Alejandro Rozo, 1st place Colombia Ranking 2011

Winners from left to right: John Fredy, Sando Timoteo, Julian Agudelo

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