Be-Mag 2011 Showreel Video by Matthis Lapaire

Write-up by Dave Bloom
Edit by Matthis “The Intern” Lapaire

While amplitude eased somewhat it was quickly replaced with technicality and creativity. We are an ever-growing sport and here at Be-Mag we are not only reflecting on the past, but looking towards the future.

Here, we have a showreel of the past year’s events proudly created by one of Be-Mag’s newest contributors and university intern, Matthis Lapaire. He has put together a clear representation of where we as rollers are currently at and a flavor of the direction we are headed in.

Let this inspire you to not only share with friends and brag about the world you are apart of, but become even more involved and put on your list of things-to-do a contribution to Be-Mag. We want to grow even further and have each and every one of you be apart of who we are. Join the family – join the future – join the revolution.

-Dave Bloom, Be-Mag Editor

If you want to get involved with Be-Mag and contribute something to the blading world, simply drop us a line.

We’d like to thank everyone that has contributed to Be-Mag in the last 15 years. Without your help, Be-Mag wouldn’t be possible! 

Riders in Order of Appearance:

Dave Mutschall (GER), Eugen Enin (GER), Marc Moreno (SPA), Kyle Couture (USA), Gabe Holm (USA), Maxime Genoud (SUI), Mathieu Ledoux (CAN), Chris Haffey (USA), Lyle Shivak (USA), Thomas Lieurey (FRA), Jon Bolino (USA), Montre Livingston (USA), Erik Bailey (USA), Richie Eisler (CAN), Brian Aragon (USA), Sean Kelso (USA), Kevin Yee (USA), Dave Lang (USA), CJ Wellsmore (AUS), Romain Godenaire (FRA), Adrien Anne (FRA), Julien Cudot (FRA), Fabio Enes (BRA), Romain Abrate (FRA), Chaz Sands (USA), Nils Janson (LVA), Mathias Silhan (FRA), Dominik Wagner (GER) & Guillaume Le Gentil (FRA)

Filmers and Editors:

Geoffroy Dubreuil, Wandy Sinesi, Jeremy Soderburg, Jonathan Labez, Gregory Prestön, Dirk Oelmann, Hawke Trackler, Sam DeAngelis, Vlad Litvak, Daniel Gourski, Mark Heuss, Patrick Schmidt, Marc “Enanoh” Moreno, Kyle Couture, Andrew Nemirowski, Gabe Holm, Andrew Smolak, Jon (X-Rated), Yan Lecomte, Mathieu Ledoux, JC Rowe, Nick Wood, Trent Olans, Jeremy Stephenson, Ronni Skovmand, Adrien Anne, Karsten Boysen & Jordan Maders


DJ Alib: Lordamercy from Hi-Hat Club Vol. 6, Haus & Garten LP

Ambassadeurs: Fly By Night from SATURATED! VOL. 2 (STRTLP002)