Passion of Rollerblading Documentary

A must see documentary by Anthony Gardner, which he made as a final project in his computer art class!

I really enjoyed everything about it!

to quote A. Gardner:

“I wanted to explain why we rollerblade or why we love it so much to show people that may not know anything about the sport. You may have seen my other documentaries on rollerblading, but this one is a little different and more of a trailer. I am hoping to make this into a longer video and develop it more for another class. Most of the clips are either older ones from videos of mine or new videos in the process, so it is a preview to those as well. So check it out and if you haven’t seen my older ones they are below.”


Passion of Rollerblading from Anthony Gardner on Vimeo.

Song: E.S. Posthumus – Arise

“Why We Rollerblade”

“What Is Rollerblading”