Now Playing: Yinzer Blading Volume 3

Introduction & Write-up by Bruce Bales
Photography by Shane Conn, Cody Reffner & Bruce Bales

We tried to avoid the usual. We spent time searching for spots on the Internet and in real life. We waxed new ledges, found new rails, and stumbled upon unique obstacles. Overall, we made an effort to try and blade what was new and exciting. We were never really trying to make a video, and like the first two Yinzer Blading volumes, this one just came together largely on its own.

I owe a lot to all the Pittsburgh bladers. Everyone pulled their own weight for this project. Everyone picked up the camera and filmed. It was truly a group effort, and we all feel really good about the final product.

On behalf of everyone involved with this project, I hope you enjoy what you see.

-Bruce Bales


Yinzer Blading Vol. 1
Yinzer Blading Vol. 2

Shane Conn, Alley Oop Top Acid

Josh Mastele

Ryan Parker, Fishbrain to Fakie

Justin Eischeid, Makio

Some of the Yinzer Crew