Nimh Spain tour part 2: Next stop BILBAO

Text and shots by Tony Cheetah

After checking the weather forecast for seven different cities, we finally decided to have a stop in Bilbao as this city is supposed to have good weather for a couple of days. North Spain is like that: perfect spots, English weather. We skated with the locals Aritz, Matty, Ganés, Borja at the skateparks in Bilbao and arranged a place to crash. We thought we would be sleeping under a bridge, but luckily Juan, an oldschool skater, let us stay in his house and spoiled us with some great pasta. We will hit the streets the next days again. Fuck Police.

Lots of good spots in Bilbao

Adria does what he does best: Destroying spot after spot

Gathering with the Bilbao locals

Attracting attention from passengers and skaters alike