Nick Lomax Classic Throne – August release!
In shops early August.

Nick Lomax has made his impact on rolling.

After travelling around Europe and USA Nick has left noone in doubt that he is one
of the worlds best skaters. He has his own style, his own personality and his own
signature tricks – The perfect attributes for a Pro skater, and subsequently a Pro skate.

The highest honour at USD is a Classic Throne Pro model, but not only has Lomax earned this
with flying colours, he is also the first ever European skater to recieve such an honour.

Nick combined with artist Russell Meehan and the help of Tom Ashmore to create an original
setup combining blue/grey and white and some great UK artwork with details of his hometown,

The skates include Sifika Chicago liners, UC prowheels and Kizer Fluid Frames.
All parts used on this skate are of the highest quality, meaning you really have one of
the most powerful Throne skates ever made.

You can catch Nick on the upcoming be-mag tour in August. If you get a chance to see
him in action, don’t miss it!