Mind the Gap 2nd stop 2010 – Den Bosch

Good friends of ours organise a FREE HipHop Festival in the centre of ‘s-Hertogenbosch. In 2009 we had a great collaboration and we are happy to work together this year. Expect the most uplifting acts and beats between the MTG-Competition. The mix of the festival and Mind the Gap is perfect, last year the scene was filled with energy from the crowd and skaters. We expect this year will even be more booming! The finals will be in Eindhoven on the 12th of September 2010.

– Sven Boekhorst

Photos: Dominic Swagemakers

Song: Justice – Waters of Nazereth

Results MTG Den Bosch
1. Orveo Mac Donald, the Netherlands 1.000
2. Romain Godenaire, France 900
3. Giorgio Oelhers, the Netherlands 800
4. Patrick Sutnen, France 700
5. Warren Digne, France 600
6. Dick Heerkens, the Netherlands 300
7. Joery v/d Pol, the Netherlands 250
8. Harrold Schlömer, the Netherlands 200
9. Lamine Fathi, France 150
10. Tasheed, the Netherlands 100