Jeremy Soderburg: Drawing Lines

Introduction by Demetrios George
Photography by Jonathan Labez
Edit filmed by Gregory Preston, Jonathan Labez, Joey Jamie, Steven Cortes, Vince Martinez, Connor O’Brien and edited by Jeremy Soderburg

Name: Jeremy Soderburg

Age: 25

Hometown: Gardena, CA

Occupation: Rollerblader, auto body painter

Best lines-spot you know: South east middle school (tweedy ledges). Though a lot of things are capped and the police are a gamble

Worst encounter while drawing some lines: Some lady parking in front of the ledge and just started grubbing and didn’t move for a good 30 minutes

Best moment in rolling… ever: Getting the opportunity to be a part of USD and turning AM for UC

If you had a time machine, when and where would you travel? To the future to the NYC Street Invitational and to the Rosklide festival in Denmark. I’ve heard stories… 

Favorite kitchen utensil and why: Is a microwave considered a kitchen utensil? Haha if so, that’s it… Makes everything easier…

What would you do for $10,000? Rob you for that $10,000

Weirdest thing you’ve ever seen: Crocs

Worst date you’ve ever been on: To be honest I’ve never really had a bad first date. I try to find the lesser retarded females so I don’t get myself into that

Top 3 places you want to visit next: New York, Barcelona & pretty much anywhere else in Europe

What do you don’t like about yourself? My impatience  

Your plans for the future: Finish a video I’m a part of making, continuing having fun with the homies on the blades. And hopefully traveling more!