One Minute, One Spot with Mateusz Kowalski

Full name: Mateusz Piotr Kowalski
Hedonskate, The Conference, The Hive
Favorite Trick:
Negative acid
Your top three skate-songs:
I don’t skate with music players

One Minute, One Spot with Mateusz Kowalski from Be-Mag on Vimeo.

Current set-up: Black carbons, Kizer fluid frames, Undercover Dem George wheels and Vicious bearings
Best rolling edit you have seen in 2010 so far: Farmer edit from Negrette
Good advice you’ve been given: Just skate!
Bad habit: drinking
Place you want to travel to next: A lot of places …for sure Bristol, Uk to visit my friend Kojot
Best contest results so far: Won Disc street comp Poland in Poznan and disc final street comp Katowice, Poland
Tell us about your project Hive Clothing and Hive 2 DVD:
The Hive clothing is new brand from Poland which I started with my friend Kris…, for the beginning we have 4 shirts and we’re planing new line soon. You can buy them at, to know more about our projects  check our blog, website and Facebook. We’re also filming for our new dvd which will be hot! The best skaters from Poland, 7 profiles, fresh and creative skating, only new spots, you can check a lot of updates on our Facebook and blog. DVD release is set to October 2010 available at

Photo by Kuba Urbanczyk