One Minute One Spot: Thomas Lieurey

So Thomas Lieurey or better known as petit Thomas has got himself a one minute one spot for Be-Mag ay! I’ve known Thom the outrage character for about 1 year now. We met in Santa Monica LA 2009 at photographer Jeremy Condamine‘s place. That lasted 2 days before we found ourselves on our own with nowhere to go. So I had to take Thom with me who I didn’t know and who didn’t speak English at all to a hostel in Hollywood. Not much talking was going on so we decided to party, or “we make party” as Thom would put it. I soon found out Thom could speak great English!
Though this only happened when he was drunk… The next day (without sleep) I got to witness the true talent that this little frenchy was hiding. We went to the brand new Venice Beach skate park with the million skateboarders there. Thomas pushed through all of them and started boosting/airing 7ft high over around in and out of the whole park. After seeing Thomas flow the park without ever skating it was something I’ll never forget. From that day I knew Thomas was the boss, we found ourselves traveling/ skating/ partying and living like rock-stars together for two months. And well to date where ever it is in this small world. Mad love Thomas. I’ll be looking forward to next time…
Intro: CJ Wellsmore
Edit: Wandy Sinesi
Photography: Jeremy Condamine & Guillaume Ducreux
1. Name: Lieurey Thomas
2. Age: 25
3. Hometown: Annecy, France
4. Sponsors: Remz, TrucDeFou Energy Drink, Infernal Clothing
5. Favorite skate event you attended so far: FISE, LG Action Sports World Championships Dallas 2006, High in the parc BULLE
6. Best contest results so far: 1st AM MTL Classic (Canada) – 1st place Pannonian Challenge (Croatia)
7. Current set-up: Remz HR 1.1, frames GC Featherlite 2 Black, Undercover Blue wheels
8. Best rolling edit you have seen in 2010 so far: Home contest 4 & 5
9. Best thing you did in your life so far: Travel in Canada, US and Japan. A roadtrip through France and Europe with my friend
10. Reasons to smile: Electro, InlineSkate, party, sex, sushi and sun
11. Bad habit: Drink and smoke
12. A place you really want to travel to next: Asia or “make” party in Australia
13. Three people you would love to skate with at your favourite spot: Antonin Roux, Jon Matter, Remy Reister, Quentin Mandron and many other heroes
14. One Amateur who should be pro: Diego Guilloud, Max Jubin & Antonin Roux
15. Skater of the year so far: CJ 
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