One Minute, One Spot: Sam Crofts vs. St. Paul’s Cathedral

Introduction: James Sharp
Filming: Tom Sharman and Jamie Harris
Edit: Tom Sharman

Not much has changed since then, other than losing the long blonde locks and moving from the sticks to the smoke, his skating still speaks for itself and the tricks have done nothing but progress, getting bigger and more technical as the years have passed on by.

Other than the A272, he’s probably the best thing to come out of Midhurst and every time I see him I’m reminded why we’ve remained friends for such a long time. The amount of banter he responds to reassures me of this and how much of a funny guy he really is. Just whatever you do, don’t get him drunk…

Name: Sam Crofts

Age: 22

Hometown: Midhurst/Chichester, England.

Sponsors: Rollerblade UK,, High Focus Records, Idare Clothing.

Current set-up: Rollerblade Sven Boekhorst boot, Grey Kizer Fluid Frames, Proline Skateshop own brand wheels, Black and White Anti-rockers, King Crow Precision Bearings.

Best rolling edit you have seen in 2013 so far: Joey Chase SSM boot promo,  &ventures #3 and the Sven Boekhorst Cityhopper edit.

Bad habit: Leaving my university assignments to the last minute and then burying myself in a pile of books, coffee and cigarettes for days on end.

Hidden talent you have that no one knows about: I once got a blue peter badge for a portrait I did of Jimmy Savile.

Your mother always said: If you ain’t got nothing nice to say, then don’t say nothing.

Skater of the year so far: Aaron Feinberg, skater of every year.

Favorite food: South-East Asian, all varieties.

What’s your biggest weakness: Not taking things seriously.

Craziest moment in skating: The day I met Fergus Jenkins.

Favourite gadgets: X-mini, Ipod and Raw Rizzlas.

A quick thanks to Kevin Chow and the guys at be-mag for my OMOS, Jamie and Tom for having faith in this daft idea, giving up their Sundays and coming out in the snow to do this, helping prepare the spot by fetching grit and helping me steal run up and landing wood from a central London building site. Thanks to my sponsors, Ian Hendrie and the guys at Rollerblade UK, Steve and Lex at Proline Skateshop, Leon Purdey at Idare Clothing and Zander (Fliptrix) at High Focus records, plus all the high focus fam that make the sick tunes which get me juiced to do this shit. Finally, not forgetting a thanks to Sharpy for his words. Thank you my old friend. -Sam.