Json Adriani: One Minute One Spot

I’ve known Json for a decade now and the first word that comes to mind when thinking about him is ‘dedication’. And the second one is ‘leader’, no doubt. During the past years Json used to skate no-fun-at-all-super-high-dead-drop-rails on a daily basis with a to-do list of tricks to improve his skills. This meant that he was skating alone most of the time because nobody in his city and just a few in Italy would be able to skate the same spots.
Today, Json has grown to the best all around blader that Italy has to offer and his attitude makes him a role model for the young and a great asset to the Italian scene. He is always the first to put his blades on and the last to put them off. His dedication is contagious.
You will always see him with a huge smile on his face ready to invite you to visit him for blading and hosting you at his home as the very down to heart person that it is.
Json is like a brother to me and I could talk about him for hours. His “10 minutes of late” or his endless knowledge about the most useless things in the world. But I just let you press play on the video and let his skating do the talking. Actually, the last thing that I want you to know about Json is that when he hosts me, he always puts a video in and falls asleep before the intro is over. Every time.
Introduction: Pietro Firrincieli
Edit: Pietro Firrincieli with Francesco Cortese & Nicola Fiorenza
Name: Json Benluis Adriani
Age: 25
Hometown: Milan, Italy
Sponsors: Razors, Grindhouse, JUG & Ground Control
Current set-up: Dre Powell 2 with Joey Chase GC frames and Grindhouse wheels. Probably the best set up I’ve ever ridden!
Best rolling edit you have seen in 2011 so far: The Ground Control video trailer
Bad habit: Falling asleep easily, especially in cars!
Hidden talent you have that no one knows about: I love cooking! Especially when homies come visiting me. It makes me happy!
Your mother always said: “Bomber, come over here and start working with/for me!”
Skater of the year so far: Patrick Ridder, Josh Glowicki and Fritz Peitzner
Favorite food: Spaghetti alla Carbonara, Bucatini alla Matriciana and Adobo (Philippine’s finest)
What’s your biggest weakness: Probably Nutella and all kinds of cake! Can eat kilos of them!
Craziest moment in skating: Probably Winterclash 2008! All the pros were there, all my good friends were there and the vibe was amazing! And when I won the IRSB in Rome. Rome is my favorite city and winning a street comp over there was simply a dream come true!
Favourite gadget: No doubt, my iPod. It gives me all the inspiration that I need. All the time.
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