Cameron Card: One Minute One Spot

Introduction by Erik Burrow

In this week’s “One Minute One Spot” we are given the unique opportunity to participate a little more than usual with Cameron’s skating. Take note as he effortlessly sessions the first of many obstacles at the soon to be “We Are One Skatepark” from a perspective that would usually only been known to him.

Name: Cameron Card

Age: 28

Hometown: American Fork, Utah

Sponsors: Denial, We Are One Skatepark

Favorite skate event: Bittercold

Current set-up: Cut HR1.1 Remz, Bolino Denial wheels, GC FLT 2’s

Best rolling edit you have seen in 2010 so far: The Tv pilot for the World Rolling Series
Good advice you’ve been given: To not give up something you love

Bad habit: Not drinking enough water or stretching

Worst injury so far: Ripped some nerves in my lower back and was bed ridden for a month strait. It was so bad I needed help to pee…

One thing you would spend one million dollar/euro for: I’d start non profit organization helping people all over the world

One thing that makes you really angry: Stereotyping others or, others following a stereotype. (i.e. girls can’t rollerblade)

Reasons to smile: I’m alive!

Your favorite skater from back in the day: Dom Sagona, Louie Zamora, DL, Shima, Julio, and pretty much anyone involved with Beau Cottington movies

Skater of the year so far: Hmm… Alex Broskow? Hard to say, but everything he puts out is golden