Victorian Inline Title 2010

This years Victorian Inline titles happily coincides with the “Back From The Dead Tour” which is made up of so many skaters they are going to need two vans and a car just to get around! On the crazy trip from Melbourne to Brisbane will be Kieran Deans, Rhys Bell, Brock Midgley, Ben Granero, Chris Pullar and Hayden Golder. With all of these guys regularly making finals at all the big Australian events, and the new sub box in play, we’re gona see some crazy tricks go down.

For the old-schoolers out there take note to our judging panel, this year, which is going to have Tim Ward sitting on it.

Stay tuned to Be-Mag throughout the day for live updates!


Here’s some clips to remind you of what’s been laced at this park:

Brian Aragon – Hurricane Topsoul –

Biran Aragon – 900 –


Promo Edit –