Rolli´n Rumble 6

The World Rolling Series is coming to Buffalo, New York on September 11, 2010. Xtreme Wheels Indoor Skate Park is hosting Rolling Rumble 6, their first contest with the WRS. The Am/Pro contest format is a jam and individual run combo, with best trick included. Admission is $15 Am, $30 Pro with cash, medals and merch for top three winners.

According to Virginia Clark, park owner, there will be a special event for Flat Ground Best Trick in memory of our fellow skater Tristan Hartmann. The cost to enter is $5, with all proceeds to benefit Camp Good Days and Special Times. Tristan’s father, Mark Hartmann, wrote:
“Tristan Hartmann lived for inline skating.  He loved the sport so much that he vowed one day to do a front flip by the age of 11.  In this video (, he did just that. Tristan amazed many people by just doing things without thinking, and succeeding at it.

What most people that watched Tristan skate was that, in 2004, he was told he had 14 months to live because of a glioblastoma, a grade IV cancer in his brain. He did the front flip video while he was still sick from chemotherapy…he would have to take a throw-up break every so often between attempts, but he persevered until he landed it.

Tristan made it almost 6 years, having had 4 brain surgeries, endless chemo and radiation therapy (he holds the record for the most radiation to the brain) and a bone marrow transplant. When most kids were practicing their skating skills every day after school, Tristan was in the hospital every day after school fighting for his life. That’s why, when he did have some free time to skate, he had to just go for it. There was no practice in his life – every day was game day.

We could learn something from Tristan: live each day to the fullest, find something you love to do, and get out there and do it well…no matter how short or long your life is, you will be successful. Tristan was a courageous boy who earned his wings on September 2, 2009 at the age of 12. He died on his terms, peacefully, and at peace with himself, God, and his family. He left behind a legacy of bravery and dedication for us all.”

WRS event Sponsors Include: Razor Skates, Eulogy Wheels, One Rollerblading Magazine, Remz Connect, Create Originals, Rat Tail Distribution, Denial, Ground Control Frames, Jug, and Murder One.