Skipass 2012 Photo-Set by Pietro Firrincieli

Photgraphy by Pietro Firrincieli
Write-up by Pietro Firrincieli

Jason Adriani won the contest riding around with consistency on every inch of the park. Gabriel Adriani, Jasons brother, took second and Marco Valera came in third. All three went back home with some cash. Nicola Fiorenza, Italian Champion of 2011, killed the course with the most tech stuff until he injured himself badly. It was then easy for Jason to also win the best trick contest with a full cab switch savannah on the stair ledge. After the contest we had fun flipping cans at the Redbull stand.

Skipass is and will remain a classic for the Italian blading scene. With proper organization, and an appropriate ramp setup, next years Skipass could be the perfect place for the final of the IBC, the Italian Championships.

-Pietro Firrincieli


Pietro Firrincieli
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