Sideshow rodeo premiere: report + pics

Text and edit by Jamie Olmstead
Shots by Jeremy Stephenson

Since the premiere was at night after the HoHoHoes competition everyone was amped to see more blading and i must say that everyone seemed to be beyond juiced after the screening. I feel that some day I will be able to watch this video objectively and I really look forward to it. Even though the night concluded with a gnarly “man battle” between myself and Thomas Martin that resulted in a very painful ear and jaw injury, I still had an absolute blast and I’m humbled to have had so many of my friends and supporters there to share the experience! Thanks to everyone that came out and showed their love and to everyone that came together to pull off this project with me. It was a hell of a ride.

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Check out some of Jeremy’s best shots here:

No half measures: The crew rented an own theatre for the premiere of Sideshow Rodeo

Jamie Olmstead: Editor and director of Sideshow Rodeo

The hall is slowly filling up: It’s about the get down!

Michael Braud and Jamie Olmstead celebrating the success of Sideshow Rodeo

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Check out the official trailer of Sideshow Rodeo here: