The ROLLINZ, Austrias biggest rollerblading competition finally continued after a six year long break. On the 24th of February, rollerbladers again flocked to the famous Lissfeld skatehall in Linz, to skate and shred together. People from Swiss, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Brazil, Slovenia and even more countries found their way to the event!

Words: Werner Schumann
Photography: Alisson Martins
Video: Martin Leopold

What made the contest so special was, that it was almost entirely financed by the bladers themselves via a crowdfunding campaign that you can still check out here:
Therefore I really need to give a shoutout not only to all the sponsors, but also to the whole community and all the people who spent their free time by helping out during the event. That was simply amazing.
There will most defenitely be a next crowdfunding campaign for next year, and I am quite sure that we can reach our goal again!
And now let the pictures and the edit speak for the ROLLINZ itself!