Photo Report: Ponycup 2013

Photography by Olfert Poelen
Text by Freddy White

It was our first time there, but Pony Cup was just everything we’d been promised. A chill event, but top notch skating from some of the best in the world. Many great individuals, but no misplaced egos. And most of all, too many incredible moments to remember in just two days of time.

From camping all together in an empty school to bladers taking over the local club on Saturday night, not to mention the jaw-dropping stunts and technical wizardry that took place all weekend at the Kulturfabrikken skatepark, it was an unforgettable time in Denmark which we were all lucky to spend together.

You may think this report sounds just like every other contest report ever written, and you would probably be right. But just like every other contest and blade gathering, you should have been there to see for yourself. Be it to skate for fun, compete, or simply share a couple drinks with new friends, it seems like there aren’t many better places than here.

At least, you can be grateful photographer and friend Olfert Poelen was present to capture the images you see featured in here. They should provide you with just enough motivation to sit your ass in a bus for 15 hours straight, and come experience it all for yourself  next year. Because if you’ve never been there before, it’s now high time you discover what Pony Cup is all about!