Perspectives on Winterclash 2012: Robert Guerrero

Photography by David Sizemore

Are you coming to Winterclash? If not, why?

I’m not going to make it this year. We have had to make some decisions with the budget so that we could document our team the way we want to with proper media exposure.

What set up are you going bring to Winterclash?

Right now I am skating my Rob G 2’s which are all black with a transparent boot like my last skate, but has new additions such as the new Blank Frames, black 60mm wheels, and soul plates made from an even more durable plastic compound than before. Some specific modifications for my own personal taste are no negative soul plates, no cross straps, and incredibly amazing deep grooves that I put in myself by grinding them against unwaxed curbs. Trying to get that 1997 groove crackin’ again.

What are you looking forward to the most?

I would have looked forward to seeing all of my best friends and favorite skaters from all over the world in one place. The biggest blessing in Rollerblading is all of the best friends I have made from so many different cities, countries, and cultures. I am bummed I don’t get to see and catch up with all of you!

Do you compete? No matter if yes or no, tell us why you do or don’t.

I have been competing lately but it hasn’t been fun for me. I try every time to get in a fun zone but it hasn’t been working and a sort of anxiety prevails where I can’t skate the way I want to skate at all. You can find me at a contest skating my best all the way up until they start calling names and you have to wait to skate. I used to not be that way in my younger years but things have changed. Maybe they will change again some day but right now I just enjoy “Session Mentality” blading, where there is no pressure to be inspired and as a result of simply having fun with your buddies each of you progress along more natural lines. That is how I grew up skating so I’m really just trying to get back to that. I think right now my favorites times blading are had at all of the night sessions during the week that people organize in their cities. Occupy the skatepark!

What was your coolest personal Winterclash moment?

When I was walking the streets of Eindhoven and all my best friends from Holland found me and began singing Happy Birthday to me in Dutch. To this day it is one of the coolest things that have ever happened to me. Also, I will always remember when I was passing by JBah and I said “Yo Julian, whats up!” He then continued to walk by me saying “You already know what it iiiiiissssss!”

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