Perspectives on Winterclash 2012: Nils Jansons

Photography by Kuba Urbanczyk

Are you coming to Winterclash? If not, why?

Of course I am. Winterclash is the event I can’t miss no matter what. 

What set up are you going bring to Winterclash?

My Remz OS 4 setup with Ground Control frames under them and some BHC wheels.

What are you looking forward to the most?

Hanging out with everyone from the whole wide world and feeling the same good vibe that everyone will feel during the weekend.

Do you compete? No matter if yes or no, tell us why you do or don’t.

Of course I’ll compete! Just to get the full Winterclash experience and to skate with the best ones on the same course. Don’t have any goals for the comp, just want to have fun and drop some hammers for the crowd, not so much for the judges. It’s usually really crowded but it’s still awesome to see loads of skaters having a sick time and being one of them is great.

What was your coolest personal Winterclash moment?

Sitting on some side ledge during pro finals last year, seeing just half of the tricks because of the people all over the park. Having a massive smoke cloud over the park because of everyone smoking inside and the guys who were supposed to keep anyone from smoking couldn’t pay attention to it because they were so much into watching the finals go down just like everyone else. Just feeling that awesome atmosphere there not because of the tricks – which I just saw in the edits later on – but because everyone was so much into it. Great. Looking forward for the same this year. I can’t wait!

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