NYC Street Invite 2011: Second Official Be-Mag Edit by Sam DeAngelis

Write-up by Oliver Nermerich
Edit by Sam DeAngelis with additional filming by Daniel Fabiano & Casey Bagozzi
Photos by Ryan Loewy 

Videographer and Be-Mag New York City ambassador Sam DeAngelis has gathered several gigabytes of video footage from the New York City Invite 2011. In the past week he has worked himself through that massive data and chopped this edit for you guys. It gives you a well-rounded look on the whole event. That means it also features tricks by bladers that you haven’t seen in the dozens of previous edits from the event. Curtains up for our second official edit of the NYC Street Invite 2011!

Side note: while you guys watch this edit Sam is currently helping to get the water out of his parents’ basement due to hurricane Irene. After the house is dried up he’ll soon have another edit of the NYC Street Invite ready for you. So stay tuned!

-Oliver Nermerich, Editor in Chief of Be-Mag online