Nocturnus 2013 Invitation by Jeroen Swerts

Nocturnus 2012 Edit by Jeroen Swerts

Write-up by Jeroen Swerts
Photos by Eric Sefton, Mathieu Hennebert & Toon Dominicus
Edit by Jeroen Swerts

The concept is to have one big night session/party with as many rollerbladers from different countries as we can. With the help from our many sponsors each year we can hand out lots of prizes during the sessions and the small contests on random obstacles through the night.

This has been a big success for the last seven years and on Saturday the 24th of August 2013 it will be the 8th year in a row we’re organizing the event. It always takes place at the end of the summer so everyone can attend one more big session before the summer is over and since it’s a night event the vibe is always amazing and people come to the event ready to party and have a great night.

The other big reason we hold the event at the end of the summer is because we are very fortunate to organize the event when a real big international waterpolo event is happening right next to the skatepark. Every year there’s a big party tent where we have the chance to party with the waterpolo girls, buy food and drinks or have breakfast in the morning since they even provide a camping site next to the skatepark. So bring your tents and stay all weekend if you like – for free! All in all, it’s just a relaxed atmosphere where almost everything is provided to keep you motivated to skate and party all night. So surely this is a unique event you have to experience at least once!

Last year was a great event as always! With the help from our wonderful sponsors most people went home with some kind of prize so everybody had something to remember the night if they might have partied too hard. Since there was a slight chance of rain in the night not that many people showed up as some other years but that only helped the vibe since most people knew each other and those who were there knew that a little rain isn’t going to stop the event. It might make it a little harder to land your tricks but you will be rewarded for that!

As predicted it did rain a little in the beginning of the evening but definitely not enough to stop people from skating and lacing big tricks during the night. Since a lot of younger bladers still seem to get permission from their parents to attend the event we always have a junior contest and this year was no different. As lots of younger bladers really skated their heart out and earned lots of cool prizes in the process provided by the great sponsors who always think of the younger generation. After that it was time for the older guys and girls to show what they learned in the summer. 

Year after year the rail along the grass gets destroyed with the biggest and most technical tricks. And with skaters like Jeremy Kesler, Antony Pottier, Thomas Buggenhoudt and Stephane Mosselmans you will get a great variety of style, technical tricks and just big hammers! Last year we provided a grindbox to be used as an extra obstacle in the bowl. This made the bowl a lot more interesting for most bladers so after the rail was destroyed it was time for the bowlsession and as you can see in the edit people really skated their best while taking full advantage of the new grindbox and did some amazing tricks!

After the bowlsession it’s time to unwind and get the party started. This is the time to go to the partytent to check for girls or just chill in the skatepark with old or new friends while others are still skating the park trying new or just fun tricks. This always creates a great atmosphere for the skaters trying tricks and everyone watching and enjoying the great and sometimes real funny stuff that goes on like those pictures with the fire from two years ago. This keeps going till the morning when people finally start going to their tents or making their way home after a great night!

This year the event is taking place on Saturday the 24th of August and the concept is the same as all the other years. The big waterpolo event is happening again right next to the skatepark so everyone can take full advantage of the party tent and camping so bring your tents and party the whole night! The lights stay on all night for us and there will be a generator with a soundsytem and extra lights so nothing can stop us. And as mentioned before, a little rain will not stop the event. We will always find a way to hand out the prizes our wonderful sponsors provided us.

This year the event is sponsored by Be-Mag, Grindhouse, Red Bull, Rollvation, Slaptap, Sunshine Distribution, and Truespin. A really big thank you to all those great companies providing us with some great goodies to hand out and keep the event alive! So support the supporters and I hope to see you in the Kapermolenpark in Hasselt Belgium on the 24th of August.

-Jeroen Swerts


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