« Hoedown never disappoints ». In only a few words, Arlo captured the spirit of what is still one of the greatest events in this industry. Despite what seemed to be a much smaller crowd this year, and a course which hasn’t changed much in the past decade, the event still saw some of the most incredible skating in the world go down, and the vibe was so strong that it truly got every single person in attendance to react and shout at each and every trick as the pressure built on. So it isn’t much to say that the event was a success, and I doubt it left anyone disappointed.

Words and half assed pictures by Freddy White.

Things started off kind of late in the afternoon, as it seemed that nobody skated too seriously for a little while, and the first part of the session looked more like an observation round in a boxing tournament. That was until people started to attack the newly built double rainbow, which replaced the usual sub box, and the level of skating steadily increased from then on, until the final, explosive round.

Remz got riders from all over the world to fly to Texas (including Germany, Spain and even Australia), and the French national team left quite a strong impression too… But Texas rippers were not to let foreigners get away with the title too easily, as Mason Richards & Fritz Pietzner made it all the way to the finals through the different rounds. Laying down hammers with a smile on their face (and a cowboy moustache made of human pubic hair for Fritz), they truly held it down for Texas and it sure was a pleasure to watch !

The top 3 consisted of two incredible park skaters (Julien Cudot & Romain Godenaire) trying to take down the defending Champion, CJ Wellsmore. This was an epic battle, and until the very last minute it was still unsure who would walk away with the crown. That was until CJ went on a killing spree and laid hammer after hammer all over the park. Winning tricks included several flawless full cab AO top acid revert cab out on the rainbow box, as well a soul transfer AO top soul gap back into the street course, a head high 450 transfer on the hip, and an incredible 720 transfer from the mini ramp to the extension on the street course…

The list goes on and on, but I’d rather let you watch the great edits that Brian Moore and Pat Leal have put out already, than write down every single trick that went down. This was a really great event to be a part of, and I highly suggest you make the trip out there next year for the 15th Hoedown contest, to feel what this incredible vibe really is all about. Only one week left before the WRS Finals in Rye, stay tuned on Be-Mag to know who will be crowned the Champion of the World in 2010 !