In the past few days, people from all over the world got into town to attend the last major WRS event before the championship finals this next week-end in Rye, New Hampshire, will take place. Driving, flying or even riding shitty Greyhound buses, dedicated rollerbladers have made it a point to attend the 14th edition of one of blading’s most legendary event: the infamous Hoedown contest. Pictures by Dominik Wagner, words by Freddy White.

Tight rankings, tough competition and overall excitement will make up for a great week-end, and an intense battle for sure. However, not every contestant seems to have adopted the same approach. As some international competitors have been practicing on the course of the Eisenberg skatepark for the past week or so, some of the top ranked bladers in the game have chosen to fully enjoy their time in Dallas rather than spending every single hour on blades.

See, Texas is a pretty awesome place when it comes to partying and eating some great food and barbecue specials. Especially when you get to enjoy such moments on the roof of a 35 floor building, right downtown Dallas, with a bunch of locals and people from all over the world. There isn’t much more to add so far, because besides the Thursday Night Skate session at Allen skatepark, we dedicated most of our time to the aforementioned activities. That, and we drank a lot of beer.

Stay tuned for more updates coming up this week-end, featuring the actual Hoedown comp and some more intense culinary moments, as well as all your favorite pros !