High In The Park 2010 Bulle (Saturday): Part 2. Best Trick & Rain

Stephan De Freitas, Roman Abrate and Anthony Pottier were battling it out for that bottle. Each trying a different trick to try to win that bottle. Stephan laced a sick fullcap alley oop fishbrain transfer from the quarter pipe to the exterior of the ledge, then tried it full cap alleyoop rough mizu and bruised his elbow after a couple more tries. Pottier & Abrate was battling it on the disaster box, throwing hurricane top souls and top acid, but Abrate won it with his 540 true mizou and back savanaah. (we know who’s sharing drinks tonight!).

Then the rain fell again, Oli Benet also fell, a bit less funny because he had to get taken to the hospital for a check up as he couldn’t remember where the hell he was. So for safety we took the baby to get checked.

As a Bulle tradition, every year there is a streaker. and this year, he was hairy…i think…i didn’t look that close.

At the end of the day, what we should all remember, is Stephan De Freitas’s Freestyle Rappin Performance. I would love to explain more thoroughly but you’ll just have to wait for the video coming up in just a minute.

Adam Kola: – “Horses are awesome!”

Nicolas Schopfer to Mark Heuss
Nic -“Send it!”
Mark: “Via what?”

Oli Benet: ” I’m not watching viking porn!”

Sharpy: ” What’s her name again? margorine?”

Mark:”blablablablablabla (in german)”
J.C.: “Watchu say to me?”

Stay Tuned! for the After Party update, after I get back from the party….(that’s gonna be messy).

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