Fardamatti Invitational Contest Report + Exclusive Edits by Lucas Brandi & Adrien Anne with Josh Glowicki

Official Fardamatti Invitational Edit by Lucas Brandi

Quotes by Adrien Anne, Josh Glowicki, Fritz Peitzner & Pietro Firrincieli
Photography by Pietro Firrincieli
Edits by Adrien Anne in collaboration with Josh Glowicki & Lucas Brandi

A lot of people impressed me but few were unlucky: Edwin killed it in the training but hurt his arm and couldn’t skate the competition on top, Diego Luppi skated well but his ankle didn’t resist the disaster 540 true mizou during the finals.

Josh and Fritz have been skating more and more comp during their trip in Europe and I enjoy their skateparks skills more and more. Not necessary to say that Roman Abrate is good at park, too. So to end it I’d say, you have to be there next year!

Adrien Anne

The contest in San Marino was so tight! Lucas and all his friends worked their butts off this year to prepare the park for the contest. They did a great job with the contest and I think everyone really enjoyed themselves! I cant wait till next year! San Marino 2012 what it do!

Josh Glowicki

The Fardamatti Invitational was fun, everybody should come to this competition. It’s just a good time to chill with all your friends and skate!

Fritz Peitzner

At this year’s Fardamatti comp Jacopo Tonni won the AM comp and Nicola Fiorenza took 2nd place. Adrien Anne came in first in the Pro division while Josh Glowicki took 2nd place but won the “smile contest” along with Fritz Peitzner, Diego Luppi and Edwin Wieringh all hurting themselves and Roman Abrate skating not so consistent during his heat after absolutely killing it in the warm-up.

The after party was insane with almost naked males trying to impress the girls breaking chairs on them backs each other. The police showed up and people got lost drunk in the camping. 

Pietro Firrincieli

Results Pro:

  1. Adrien Anne (FR)
  2. Josh Glowicki (USA)
  3. Roman Abrate (FR)
  4. Fritz Peitzner (USA)
  5. Diego Luppi (CH)


Results Am:

  1. Jacopo Tonni (IT)
  2. Nicola Fiorenza (IT)
  3. Sergey (unknown) 
  4. Marco Valera & Sven (IT)
  5. Federico Sbrojovacca (IT)

Top 3 Skaters at Fardamatti Invitational Edit by Adrien Anne & Josh Glowicki