Dutch Rollerblading Championship “Oeteldope” stopped in Eindhoven last Weekend

Photography by Dominic Swagemakers

Sven Boekhorst, who is competing on the highest level for years already and main organizer of the Oeteldope competition series, is pleasantly surprised by the high level of this Dutch Championship. “The level of the competitors is extremely high, even the junior riders are impressive and more dominant than last year. I can’t wait for the final in ‘s-Hertogenbosch on the 16th of April.”

This year an overall ranking will determine which junior and senior will take the Dutch title. The competitors were able to collect points for the ranking in Rotterdam and Eindhoven already but the final in ‘s-Hertogenbosch will be crucial. In the top of the ranking everything is still possible with the points available in the final at the World Skate Center.

In the senior competition all eyes are pointed at Adil Farhouni (winner 2009) and Dick Heerkens, the mutual difference is only 30 points. Both are part of team Rollerblade and it’s going to be an interesting battle. In the junior competition the difference between the first two riders in the ranking is even smaller. Sem Croft and Tasheed Zaalman both have 670 points so this is going to be exciting as well.




  1. Sem Croft
  2. Tasheed Zaalman
  3. Tom de Boer


  1. Jelle Briggeman
  2. Dick Heerkens
  3. Adil Farhouni


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