Dutch Rollerblading Championship “Oeteldope” series started in Rotterdam this weekend

Write-up by Sven Boekhorst

At the first stop in Rotterdam more than 40 of the best Dutch skaters competed and the concept worked out very well. The level of the skaters was a lot higher than last year and the number of competitors increased as well. In the final of the first round 10 skaters had to skate together for 15 minutes on an obstacle in the skatepark chosen by themselves. 

After these 15 minutes the judges determined the final ranking. Per ranking the skaters get a certain number of points for the overall ranking. Tasheed and Adil made a perfect start for the overall ranking, but of course the rest of the top 10 will have a their chance on becoming the Dutch Champion as well. 

There will be two more events to collect points:

Eindhoven (Area 51 Skatepark) on April 2nd, 2011
‘s-Hertogenbosch (WorldSkateCenter) on April 16th, 2011

Check out the edit of the first stop: 

The organization and the competitors are all content about the new concept and are looking forward to the next round in Eindhoven!
For more information visit www.oeteldope.nl or get in touch.

Check out this radio interview with Sven Boekhorst for Q-music (Dutch language).

Results Oeteldope Rotterdam


  1. Tasheed Zaalman
  2. Sem Croft
  3. Sebastiaan van Wijk


  1. Adil Fahrouni
  2. Edwin Wieringh
  3. Dick Heerkens