Competition Report: Street Side Games 2013

Write-up by Matej Sram
Photography by Dan Murtinger

Edit produced by, directed by Honza Hytha, filmed by Petr Cajt, Matej Sram, Honza Kosik, Yordan Dimov & Honza Hytha 

Over 50 riders all over the Czech Republic and Slovakia registered for the competition, included blading legends like Jara Mrstny and Martin Darnadi. The crowd of spectators was as great as the atmosphere.

Competition rules were simple: A skater had to use every obstacle in order to achieve a good ranking. Trick level was really high all day. From hard technical combinations to brutal spin-to-win 540° kind grinds, 360° outspin top acids etc.

Final fight at the final spot was between Honza Puchyr and Tomas Odlozil. Both of them showed the best of their skating skills. At the end the judges decided to give the first place to Honza Puchyr for his brutal and pure tricks and skills on every single obstacle. Second place and best trick won Tomas Odlozil who skated close to Honzas trick level throughout the day.

We want to thank everyone who shared the atmosphere with us, who enjoyed the whole day and celebrated every landed and not landed trick. See you next year!

-Matej Sram

Street Side Games 2013 Results:

  1. Honza Puchyr
  2. Tomas Odlozil
  3. Daniel Hanka

ASUS Best Trick:

Tomas Odlozil


Street Side Games