Competition Report: Italian Bladers Connection Finals 2011

Write-up by Marco Valera
Photography by Pietro Firrincieli

In fact, during the 2011 IBC, which actually was a big experiment, it became clear that there had to be an IBC Championship next year. At the Championships there were the best Italian athletes, there was a superb vibe, amazing group moments and everybody was very happy about the way the bladers had managed the contest as they wanted it to be. 

I am sure in 2012, with the help of our sponsors, the IBC will bring a big boost to the Italian blader scene which is still less developed than the rest of Europe. The formula will always be the same: Lots of fun, many stops, and a little bit of agonism. And above all, we hope to introduce rollerblading in places where it is still unknown yet.

I would like to thank our sponsors The Conference, Grindhouse, Razors, Jug, Remz, Groundcontrol, Fenfanix, Freemove, Fardamatti, Cream Media and Fiorenza Pasquale SRL.

-Marco Valera

Italian Bladers Connection Finals 2011 Results

  1. Nicola Fiorenza
  2. Jason Adriani
  3. Marco Valera


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