Competition Report: Get Out The Way Contest in Amsterdam

Introduction & Write-up by Marnix Haak & Robbert Snijder
Edit by Marnix Haak, Robbert Snijder & Arne Elgersma
Photography by Wouter Dasselaar, Arne Elgersma, Erik Droogh, Ralf van de Kerkhof & Justin Ruyter

Even with the sketchy weather, a lot of guys showed up from all over the Netherlands and even from Germany and England for the event. This dedication was pretty awesome and created a cool and competitive atmosphere.

Ten minutes before the start signal we revealed the spots. Some Amsterdam guys looked at it for 2 seconds and started chilling again because they knew the spots. Other skaters were very busy locating their route by searching on the map. The German team ‘3, 2, 1 MAINZ’ started five minutes too late because they hadn’t figured everything out yet. This was a very clever thing to do, because another Dutch team ‘Hard Goan’ left without looking at the map and got totally lost, ending up visiting only three of the seven spots.

Everybody had a blast that day! Because the teams went seperated all over the city, everybody experienced their own adventures and obstacles. At the finish line all stories were shared. From flat tires, bike changes, rainstorms, tourists sitting on the spot to teams ending up at Internet cafes printing their route. One team even ended up in the bar drinking beer because their rental bikes seemed too expensive. The big difference to normal Rollerblading contests was that everybody was very active all day. They all biked around 35 kilometers and skated hard at seven spots, doing tricks you normally wouldn’t do. It’s very funny to see that all kind of skaters who were challenged to do the same tricks. You discovered that some “good” skaters can’t even do some simple things like standing on your hands, while other pure streetskaters fly with unexpected ease landing a 360 over the ghetto spine.

We judged by giving points for the tricks by checking all the phone footage (all tricks had to be filmed) combined with the time they finished. Tjeerd Weijers and Erik Droogh won the contest. They finished first and completed allmost all skate tricks. An amazing result.

It was a very intense race which everybody from all ages enjoyed. Don’t think its too easy competing in this contest the next time, it’s a complete work out. Some skaters were totally broke at the end of the day. Luckily we arranged a BBQ providing everybody some hamburgers, crystal meth and coke to get all the energy levels back up. After the bbq some skaters had energy left to skate some more on the grind boxes in front of the store. This footage will be, together with some funny leftovers, on YouTube soon.

A big thanks goes out to our sponsors; ThisIsSoul for providing the facility and many more. The Youth Co. for the backpack prizes. Valo Brand for the skates! ILoveNoord for being ILoveNoord. Pristine Fixed Gear for all the great prizes and advice. We hope you enjoyed it and love to see you next edition!

-Marnix Haak & Robbert Snijder

Get Out the Way Results:

  1. Dry Wires: Erik Hoog & Tjeerd Weijers
  2. Le Fagz: Hans Hardonk & Bartosz Beller
  3. Harde Pappies: Michael de Hoop & Max Fesunenko
  4. Flarnivac: Cavin Brinkman & Ralf vd Kerkhof
  5. Tetten de la Course: Dick Heerkens & Ivo Janssen
  6. Nitro: Wiebe & Bert Smit
  7. Lightspeed Unlimited: Lamri Adjis & Gerben Kuiper
  8. Spatiebalk: Luca Gobbo & Koen Bleijerveld
  9. Tiem Extriem: Bojd Vredevoogd & Thijs Tel
  10. Bladers From Hell: Hubert Everts & Scandjah Soetosenojo
  11. Schlome Ruyters: Harrold Schlomer & Justin Ruyters
  12. Zero: Donny Koster & Alex Makelaar
  13. 3, 2, 1, MAINZ: Hugo Schlappez & Benditt Bimmel
  14. Hard Goan!: Joery vd Pol & Frank Voogd
  15. Fris: Gregory Touw Ngie Tjouw & Kenzo Soetsenojo
  16. Awesome: Wout Dasselaar & Ronald vd Velde

Did Not Finish:

  1. Yolo: Ryan Claus & Pascal Tan
  2. Cheecky Monday: Glenn Hays & Loz Cheecky

Best Trick:

  1. Le Fagz: Hans Hardonk & Bartosz Beller


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