Competition Report: East Side Jam 2013

Write-up and edit by Bartek Sadura
Photography by Piotr Gackiewicz

After the second spot we were still unsure whether to go to the final rails. How wrong would we be if we didn’t! Just watch the edit and pictures to see the tricks.

Each year when we choose the spots for the competition we try to predict what tricks will go down and what are the risks. The skaters went highly beyond our expectations, lacing technical tricks on an unforgiving obstacle.

Earlier that day I really thought this time the event failed, I already envisioned all the e-mails I’d have to send to the sponsors and media explaining why did we cancel the competition.

To see the skaters perform truespin topside tricks on the second rail, with enormous speed from grinding the first rail, and the whole crowd going crazy, was really a relief. We made it again, and nothing can stop us now!

-Bartek Sadura

East Side Jam 2013 Results:

  1. Tomek Przybylik
  2. Przemek Gorczyk
  3. Krystian Zarzeczny

Best Trick:

Lukasz Kazmierczak

Best Junior:

Mateusz Majczak

Honorable Mentions:

Michal Zankowski, Tomek Kwiecien


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