Competition Report: A Day In The Mitten 2011

Write-up by: Ryan Grau
Photography by: Lucas Martin and Sean Macgowan
Edit by: Andre Sigur 

Looking back on the comp all I can think about was how fun it was. The best part about it was it just felt like another session, except with all your homies in one spot. It was good to see everyone having a good time, vibin off each other, and pushing each other at every spot. At one point k2 Alex True MIz’d a kink rail after breaking his frame in half. It came down to the last spot, Joe Hawkey was trying TTP, K2 Alex was trying KG through the broken rail, And Garrett Mitschelen was trying Hurricane topsoul. The other judges and myself said whoever laced their trick was the winner, they all killed it the whole day. Garrett laced hurricane topsoul, and we called it, went back to my house grilled out and partied. This year, just like every other the comp turned out to be a great time. Always good to see everyone come together and have fun doing what they love doing. Cant wait for the winter comp, and next years summer comp. BIG THANKS to E-Rolling, and A-Mall for sending out some prizes, Alex Beaupre, and Andre Sigur for filming, and Lucas Martin & Sean Macgowan for the photos. Enjoy!