Brian Aragon touring China Live-Update #3: The Pants Situation

Write-up by Brian Aragon
Photos by Colin Li

After we got my pants situation under control we headed out to meet up with the CX-Games media crew who we have been filming with everyday. Basically, two pro Bmx riders and myself have been going out and shooting lifestyle/action clips which they are going to compile into a TV episode for a channel in China. After completing our responsibilities to CX-Games we grabbed some Korean BBQ and met up with a few of the local skaters and headed out to get a few skating clips and shoot photos.

During the course of the day we skated a nice long marble out ledge with a decent drop along with a nice double barreled down rail, both of which will be the pictures that you will be seeing. One thing truly amazing about the street skating here is not having to worry about authorities kicking you out, EVER! After a great session we headed out for coffee and dinner with the locals then called it a night, everyone wanted to have plenty of energy for Woodward Beijing in the morning!

-Brian Aragon

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