Bitter Cold Showdown 2011 #5: Friday Night Pro Sneak Peak & Industry Meeting

Write-up and Photography by Sam DeAngelis

While taking pictures I noticed fan favorite and talented videographer, Vinny Minton, doing his best to make sure he produces yet another amazing edit for Bitter Cold Showdown. The shots of Korey “Sneaky” Waikiki and Roman Abrate are just a small hint of whats to come in another beautifully choreographed edit by Minton. Also, notice Franco Cammayo once again pushing the boundaries of this course. I could only imagine what he will come up with on during the competition!

Before the warm-up, Bitter Cold Showdown creator Daniel Kinney held an industry meeting and showed the Bitter Cold Showdown television pilot for the first time ever! As someone who witnessed the episode, I would say it was professional grade, beautifully produced, and exactly what the industry needs to bring awareness and sponsors to support these type of events. More updates on the progression of this project to come!

Enjoy these shots taken during the short time your favorite bladers were ripping up the course in order to prepare for another epic Bitter Cold Showdown Pro Competition!

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